VConnect Foundation

The visionary movement of Vahishtai & Fatima, to extend maximum possible support to all the families of hearing impaired through “VConnect Foundation”, is really commendable.Their “VConnect Foundation” is putting sincere efforts towards “mainstreaming” the hearing-impaired children, by consistently supporting and guiding their (hearing impaired children) parents/families.With time, the VConnect Foundation is evolving to increase its reach, efforts and effectiveness — for letting larger numberfamilies (of hearing impaired) get benefited in a better way.In this regard, my best wishes are with the “VConnect Foundation” and its team. Keep evolving and keep doing the good work!!! God bless!!!

– Ankur Chadak, parent of Aayush Ankur Chandak -10 years, Navi Mumbai Circle

My name is Farhana, I am from Nairobi, Kenya. Was introduced to VConnect Foundation in 2009. Met with many other parents who were on the same journey as mine. VConnect Foundation has really supported and guided me alot in my journey with my hearing loss son. And through Vconnect support I managed to guide my own son in his journey. Today I feel proud to be part of the VConnect Foundation team. My heartiest thanks to Fatima and Vahishtai for making me a part of the VConnect team.

– Farhana Salyani, parent of Luqmaan A.Salyani -14 years, Kenya Circle

Mainstream Guide

I am Umesh Agrawal from Dhule Maharashtra,father of a 10 year old bilateral cochlear implant child. I have been connected with VConnect Foundation for the last 3-4 yrs. I want to share my experience about mainstream guides by Vconnect.

The Mainstream Guide by Vconnect foundation is very useful for cochlear implanted children and their parents. It provides guidance to the teachers and caretakers of such children about how to bring such children to mainstream society. Their webinars are very useful. It also helps to change the mindset of the society about such children. It’s really very helpful for parents like us. I suggest they take more such webinars and I also request parents to watch their webinars regularly. Their other activities also help us in day to day problems which we face regarding such children. Thanks to VConnect.

– Umesh Agrawal, parent of Dhairya Agrawal – 10 years, Khandesh Circle

We parents of Chinmay Gadage attend all the programs organised by VConnect Team. We really had felt lost when we first heard about hearing loss of our son…but VConnect has given us strength and beliefs…The Mainstream Guide is also really useful as a guiding star for us which shows the way to sail our sheep. All programs organised by the Team are also very useful and these support us for the development of our child…We also have been developing our skills to grow our child..

– Mandar Gadage, parent of Chinmay Gadage – 4.5 years, South Mumbai Circle


The webinar conducted by Dr. Mihir Parekh on ‘Life Skills – Money Management and Banking’ was very informative. He explained how even small small things related to money should be explained to children. There are many things we forget to tell our children like passbooks, cheque books, etc. He explained the importance of all those with very good examples. His presentation style is also very friendly. Such informative webinars are worth attending.

Looking forward to many such webinars.

Thank you so much.

– Asmita Yogesh Palekar, parent of Jyotiraditya Yogesh Palekar, 6 yrs, Pune Circle.

Mental Health

VConnect came as a helped me find a new me. It gave me confidence and a new vision to see and understand things. I was able to explore new aspects of life via these workshops. It helps me brighten the stars of everyone including me also.

– Mahek Balwani, parent of NihalKamlesh Balwani -12.5 years , Vidarbha Circle

“Covid ke situation me purre India ko cover kar raha hai aur alag alag topic pe webinars kar rahe hai jisse bahut information mil rahi hai. Mental health workshop me aake humari man ko shanti milti hai” .

– Kalpana Paswan, parent of Mohit Kumar Paswan – 24 years , Odisha

“Is workshop k Zariye aap log humari soch ko phele rakhte ho yeh dekh ke acha laga aur hum wait karte hai iss workshops k liye.”

– Prerna Rohra, parent of Daksh Rohra – 8 years , Thane kalyan

Vidya Series

Very useful information is provided under the Vidya Series. Presenters are very knowledgeable and offer valuable information and tips.VConnect Foundation is a good support group for parents of children with hearing loss.

– Aayushi Khandelwal, parent of Shivansh Khandelwal – 2.5 years, Rajasthan Circle

The Vidya Series organised by VConnect Foundation is extremely helpful. The techniques which they make parents and caregivers understand for the therapy are very precise and thorough for the practical approach. The knowledge and experience the organisers share are very precious and priceless.

– Jalpa Anil Charola, parent of Aatreya Anil Charola -19 years, Gujarat Circle

Saath Saath

वीकनेक्ट फाउंडेशन  के द्वारा किये गए निश्वार्थ कार्य वाकई काबिले तारीफ है, समय समय पर विभिन्न प्रोग्राम से बच्चो के विकास के लिए उचित दिशा निर्देशन सदा ही लाभ प्रद रहता है | वी कनेक्ट फाउंडेशन के प्रोग्राम मे एक “साथ साथ सीरीज” जो हर माह के दूसरे शनिवार को आयोजित होती है, बहुत ही लाभ प्रद है, क्योकि इस प्रोग्राम मे बच्चो को विभिन्न चित्रण एवं गतिविधियों से सिखाने के तरीको को बताया जाता है |

बच्चों को कहानियों, डांस, एवं खेल खेल मे उन्हें नयी नयी चीजों को सिखाया जा सकता है, जो की बच्चों को तनाव रहित एवं आनंद पूर्वक  वातावरण प्रदान करता है, वर्तमान परिस्थितियों मे जहाँ बच्चों को घर पर ही रहना पड़ रहा है वहां इस तरह की कार्य शाला उचित मार्ग दर्शन के साथ आयोजित करना हम सभी के लिए वरदान साबित हो रहा है |

– स्वाति गुप्ता ,पेरंट ओफ कार्तिशा गुप्ता – 9 वर्ष ,बिलासपुर.

वीकनेक्ट टीम के सदस्यो को प्रणाम। पिछले 18 महिनो से वीकनेक्ट के द्वारा अयोजित डिजिटल जुम पर बहुत ही शानदार प्लेटफॉर्म पर कहानी,चुटकुले ,गीत, डान्स, ड्राइग, क्राफ्ट के साथ बच्चो को स्वर ,व्यंजन एवं शब्दो से वाक्यकैसे बनाना है एवं बच्चो को भविष्य मे आगे बढने का रास्ता दिखाया जा रहा है निरंतर वेबिनार के माध्यम से मिल रहा है।तो हम सल्यूट करते है वीकनेक्ट टीम को जिन्होने हमारे बच्चो के भविष्य को उज्जवल करने की पहल को शुरू किया है । इन्ही शब्दो के साथ जय वीकनेक्टएंड जय वीकनेक्ट फाउंडेशन टीम। मुंबई, नागपुर को मेरा सलाम। धन्यवाद।

– दिलीप गोहीते, पेरंट ओफ भारत गोहीते – 9.9 वर्ष, विदर्भ सर्कल.

Music Program

Hi I am Arpita, my 3.5 yrs. old son, Rudra, has been attending online Music Sessions arranged by the VConnect Foundation team for the last 3 months and I can see remarkable improvement in his speech. His interest has grown in rhymes and songs. Now he doesn’t speak in a monotonous way like earlier. These sessions are very interesting and interactive. Kamakshi ma’am makes use of different props and instruments that makes these sessions more interesting. As these sessions are online kids get a chance to attend it at home during this pandemic situation also.

– Arpita Kanzarkar, parent of Rudra Kanzarkar- 3.5 years, Marathwada Circle

Gunjan has benefited a lot from music class, now Gunjan tells me at night, mummy, listen to me songs, like we listen to lullabies to children and make them sleep, so Gunjan loves listening to songs and she says mom Make me repeat the song again and again and when I do repetition, she learns quickly and now she has started singing that song too thank you kamakshi ma’am for this music sessions we benefited a lot.

– Khushi Naveen Rati , parent of Gunjan Naveen Rati – 5 years, Bandra – Dahisar Circle

Speech and Drama

It was a very well managed, informative and fun-filled round of 5 sessions ably conducted by Neena Maam. Seeing the various activities that children got involved into as part of the sessions – be it their cool names, dumb charades, describe and guess games and other fun activities, it was definitely a thoroughly enjoyable interaction between kids & Neena Maam. Hats off to her creativity and making sure each and every child was involved at every stage and in every session.

– Omkar Ghaisas, parent of Arya Ghaisas – 9 years, Thane Circle

Thank you VConnect for conducting an amazing speech n drama workshop. It was an awesome learning experience for me and my daughter. She is 5 years old and haslearnt a new concept of acting and drama and now she loves to mimic everyone. Thank you so much.

– Namrata Asrani, parent of Sanaya Asrani – 5 years, Pune Circle

Educational Theme Based Activities

All the sections of activities related to children are good & also gather new information & ideas. Now we are trying to teach the children accordingly. It is beneficial for improving the language & activities of children.

– Narendra Dhamale, parent of Shravani Dhamale – 9 years, Marathwada Circle

The activities posted on whatsapp circle encourages our children to learn language. They come to know about various festivals through these activities. They learn something new about festivals, important days etc.

– Archana Mistry, parent of Pari Samir Mistry – 14 years, Bandra – Dahisar Circle

Hamare adhikar/Our Rights

Myself Sushmita Vijay, my daughter is a Cochlear implantee. The VConnect team comes with webinars regularly and as a parent I feel these webinars are very useful for us. Parents should attend these webinars as we get a lot ofInformation from it which we are not aware of… And we also meet different parents and we open up with them and we get more feedback from them.. This all helps a lot.. Recently, I attended a webinar regarding RTE.. We got a lot of information from this Webinar… It was very useful and helpful for us, only because of the VConnect team we came to know about the RTE.. Thank you so much to the VConnect team for arranging such informative webinars for us…

– Sushmita Vijay, parent of Ananya Vijay – 9 years, Thane Kalyan Circle

In 2018 I attended a workshop for Concession and Benefit. Now in the present situation VConnect Foundation is conducting an online workshop under ‘Hamare Adhikar/ Our Rights’ to enable every parent to bebenefited at their doorstep helping them to know more about their adhikar. Attending this workshop I came to know about UDID cardsand it helped understand the procedure for it. A number of parents are taking advantage of RTI which wasnicely explained in this series. I wouldlike to attendmore worship like this. Also, a big thanks to VConnect Foundation for advocating for newborn hearing screening to be mademandatory. This will help early detection of hearing loss in children. Many things can be madepossible through this series thank you VConnect Foundation.

– Ayesha Riyaz Khan, parent of Ali Muhammad Riyaz Khan Ghauri- 12 years, Vidarbha Circle

I am grateful to VConnect for organising the UDID program. UDID online webinar organised by VConnect involving special guests from AYJ was a really great program. I think many parents were not aware , I came to know but was not sure about the details . I think I suggested this program to you and was happy to see the program was conducted . I am sure all parents are benefited by this webinar. Both you Ms Jigna and Ms Julie conducted in a very friendly way and clarified doubts of each and every parent. Many of us are not aware about this change from disability certificate to UDID and it’s benefits. We came to know the procedure , the usage , govt guidelines and mainly that the UDID is implemented across India effective July 2021. Thanks to Dr.Rajeev Jalvi – Director AYJ , he was so humble and clarified all queries and even shared his contact no. I think that was a really great gesture on his part.Thank you VConnect and looking forward to such programs in future.I think this series should continue for the awareness of all parents .Maybe you can mention / remind in each program urging participants that they should educate others whosoever they know .Thank you once again .

– Prakash Wankhade, parent of Akanksha Wankhade- 12 years, Central Circle

WhatsApp Activities

All the sections of activities related to children are good & also gather new information & ideas.Now we are trying to teach the children accordingly. It isbeneficial for improving the language & activities of children.

– Narendra Dhamale, parent of Shravani Dhamale – 9 years, Marathwada Circle

The activities posted on whatsapp circle encourages our children to learn language. They come to know about various festivals through these activities. They learn something new about festivals, important days etc.

– Archana Mistry, parent of Pari Samir Mistry – 14 years, Bandra – Dahisar Circle